Quick and easy ‘Snickers’ bars

I try not to stock ‘naughty’ food at home, because it’s a temptation I just don’t need. So when I now and then get sweet cravings, I have to improvise. Enter my ‘quick and easy snickers bars’. I’ve always loved the caramelly flavour of dates, and paired with good quality home made peanut butter, you can’t go wrong. I wasn’t sure how they’d be received by the kids though, because for so many years, they simply wouldn’t eat peanut butter, which broke my heart (being a child reared on peanut butter toast). They even tried to convince me at one stage they were allergic to peanuts (they’re not).  It’s just a sign of the times I guess given the prevalence of nut allergies, and the resulting need to keep them out of the schoolyard.

But I’m happy to say that finally, after trying these ‘snickers’ bars, the kids conceded that peanut butter ‘wasn’t too bad’. They’ve now agreed to ‘sometimes have peanut butter’ on their toast, and they quite often ask for these bars when they feel like a treat.


Peanut butter (home made, or the best quality one you can buy)
Cacao nibs

Cut dates into halves, remove pits and top each half with a teaspoon of peanut butter. Sprinkle with cacao nibs.

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